Bart Plasmeijer

Bart Plasmeijer

As a solution/software architect, I am focusing on delivering robust, scaled platforms. I am responsible for understanding the goals; capturing, refining, and challenging the requirements and constraints on the client's question. I always ensure that technical architecture works and that we own the risks.

As a solution/architect, I take leadership and ownership of the architecture throughout the software delivery and set the quality assurance by setting standards, guidelines, principles, my motto, 'Getting Things Done'.

Software design and engineering

  • Architecture
  • Cloud architecture
  • Agile (Team builder, Coach)
  • DevOps, continuous delivery
  • Content Management System specialist, Sitecore
  • .NET developments in .NET Core, .NET
  • Azure
  • Kubernetes (K8s)
  • Docker
  • Web (Go, Node, ASP.NET MVC)
  • Rest API
  • Function as a service (Faas)
  • IP video
  • Socket programming.
  • 24x7

Bart Plasmeijer

Bedrijfsnaam: Sitecore

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