SUGCON Europe 2015

June 12th 2015 - The Netherlands

Conference Center The Strip @ High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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Sitecore User Group Conference Europe 2015

The Dutch Sitecore User Group and Sitecore are proud to present the second Sitecore User Group Developer Conference. This time it will be bigger and better! A must-attend event for every Sitecore Developer!

Last year's event was a huge success. To get an impression, you can watch
some of the recorded sessions on YouTube or check out the pictures of SUGCON 2014.

Delay in invoices

As a result of unforeseen circumstances a small delay has occurred in sending the invoices to attendees of the conference. Any of this delay in sending will -of course- be no obstacle for your participation if you've registered timely. All attendees have received a confirmation of participation.

Thanks for your understanding.


The event will take place on June 12th 2015 at the amazing Conference Center The Strip @ High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Why attend?

Top reasons why you should attend.

SUGCON Europe 2015 (Sitecore User Group Conference) is the biggest Sitecore Developer event there is. Jam packed with the latest insights and advice from the best Sitecore people (from Sitecore and the Sitecore community), to help you get the most out of the Sitecore Experience platform.

  • Learn about the latest Sitecore products and features
  • Learn about Sitecore best practices using the Sitecore platform by the best Sitecore people out there
  • From Sitecore Azure to Sitecore MVC Advanced, from FXM to Sitecore Client Services, we have the best program ever!
  • Connect with Sitecore specialists
  • Network with your peers

Please check out the full agenda and then register and be part of the best event and community there is....

Need to justify your trip to management? Click here to download the justification letter

SUGCON Europe 2015 is a unique and important opportunity to gain education and inspiration to help you develop for, engage, and win customers for life. If you need information to show your manager the value of your participation, download the justification letter, tailor it to fit your situation, and then send it on for approval.


Times and sessions are subject to change.


We bring you the best speakers from Sitecore and the Sitecore community!
In 2014 we had 7 Sitecore MVP's presenting!

This year, we've topped that! Besides an exclusive keynote from Lars Fløe Nielsen, Co-Founder & Senior Vice President Technical Marketing at Sitecore, we've got 5 other people from Sitecore and 10 Sitecore MVP's presenting!

We've got 21 awesome speakers at SUGCON Europe 2015

Lars Fløe Nielsen

Lars Fløe Nielsen

Co-Founder, Senior Vice President Technical Marketing - @Sitecore

Pieter Brinkman

Pieter Brinkman

Director of Developer & Platform Evangelism - @Sitecore

Martina Welander

Martina Welander

Technical Consulting Engineer - @Sitecore

Stephen Pope

Stephen Pope

Senior Developer - @Sitecore

Todd Mitchell

Todd Mitchell

Senior Product Manager xDB - @Sitecore

Mark van Aalst

Mark van Aalst

Technical Evangelist - @Sitecore

Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds

Sitecore MVP - @Hanson Dodge Creative

Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards

Sitecore MVP & Developer of Glass Mapper

Kevin Brechbühl

Kevin Brechbühl

Sitecore MVP - @Unic (Sitecore Usergroup Switzerland)

Anders Laub

Anders Laub

Sitecore MVP - @Pentia (Sitecore Usergroup Denmark)

Ruud van Falier

Ruud van Falier

Sitecore MVP - @PartechIT

Mike Robbins

Mike Robbins

Sitecore MVP - @Fusionworkshop

Søren Spelling Lund

Søren Spelling Lund

Founder of @uCommerce

Torleik Ravn

Torleik Ravn

Senior systems developer & IT Architect - @ForwardSearch

Adam Najmanowicz

Adam Najmanowicz

Sitecore MVP, Head of Product Engineering - @Cognifide

Chris Wojciech

Chris Wojciech

Former Sitecore MVP, Former Sitecore (Sitecore Usergroup Germany) - @Netzkern

Rob Habraken

Rob Habraken

Technical Manager - @Colours

Jeroen Speldekamp

Jeroen Speldekamp

Sitecore MVP - @Suneco

Alex van Wolferen

Alex van Wolferen

Senior Sitecore Developer - @Suneco

Charles Turano

Charles Turano

Sitecore MVP - @Hedgehog Development

Kern Herskind Nightingale

Kern Herskind Nightingale

Director of Technical Services - @Sitecore

We've got great Sitecore MVP contributions from the European Sitecore User Group representatives like SUGNL (Netherlands), SUGUK (UK), SUGCH (Switzerland), DSDG (Denmark) and SUGDE (Germany).


During the day, keynote speakers will provide you the update on latest product development and give you a sneak peak in the next future. The sessions provided to you by your peers will bring you their newest and smartest insights and will give you an excellent start or new ideas on your new Sitecore digital projects.

Check out the sessions below!

Opening keynote

Lars Fløe Nielsen - Co-Founder, Senior Vice President Technical Marketing - @Sitecore

In the opening keynote Lars will kickoff this amazing event. Let's hope he's got some scoops and exclusive insights on what Sitecore might have for us in the upcoming releases.

Download slides here

From Mobile No No to Go Go

Pieter Brinkman - Director of Developer & Platform Evangelism - @Sitecore

Are you a Sitecore developer with no experience with mobile development? Neither did Pieter while writing this synopsis. Join Pieter in his quest to become a mobile Go Go starting from a Mobile No No. He will share his expectations and lessons learned of mobile development, the Sitecore mobile SDK and Xamarin.

Come and join this session to see how (and if) Pieter becomes the Mobile Go Go he promised us to be!

Download slides here

Dude, where does my data go?

Martina Welander - Technical Consulting Engineer - @Sitecore

In this session Martina gives you guidance around how to structure and store different kinds of data in Sitecore 8

This guidance includes profile information, user-generated content, non-page content, media, labels, commerce content, and more.

Download slides here

Deep-dive into the Federated Experience Manager (FXM)

Stephen Pope - Senior Developer - @Sitecore

For anyone curious about FXM or anyone who wants to find more out about the different ways that FXM can be leveraged, then this is the session for you :)

We will go from basic tracking to advanced data reporting and customisation scenarios so you can get the most out of FXM in Sitecore 8.

Download slides here

xDB crazy-go-nuts university

Todd Mitchell - Senior Product Manager xDB - @Sitecore

Have loads of contact demographic information? Want to leverage real-world behavioral data?

During this crash course, I’ll cover the ways xDB enables to you model, track, collect, integrate, and leverage your brand’s custom data to own each customer experience.

Three ways to fail your Sitecore unit test

Kern Herskind Nightingale - Sitecore MVP - @Sitecore

In this session Kern will explore a three different techniques to do unit testing in a Sitecore solution. Unit testing can be a tricky discipline in its own right and adding Sitecore into the mix doesn’t make it easier. Hopefully by the end of this session you will have some ideas that can bring you closer to a red-green-refactor utopia.

Download slides here

Extending the mobile SDK to create personalized cross-platform apps leveraging the xDB

Mark van Aalst - Technical Evangelist - @Sitecore

Are you having fun using Sitecore 8 and the new Experience Database? And are you ready to bring personalization to the next level? Personalize a mobile website is not new at all, we have been doing that for years now. But how about mobile apps?

In this session Mark will guide you through the steps to leverage the xDB using Sitecore newest version of the Mobile SDK.

Download slides here

Attain Clean Code in Sitecore Solutions using Design Patterns

Mike Reynolds - Sitecore MVP - @Hanson Dodge Creative

Come see Sitecore MVP Mike Reynolds demonstrate how to achieve clean code in Sitecore solutions using some of the classic design patterns illustrated by the Gang of Four in their seminal book *Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software*.

Download slides here

Glass V4, Get even more from you Sitecore solution!

Mike Edwards - Sitecore MVP & Developer of Glass Mapper

In this session Mike will look at the new features in Glass Mapper V4, e.g. caching and how it helps. Edit frames, unit tests, advanced modelling.

Bring your Glass Mapper knowledge to a new level!

Download slides here

Sitecore MVC advanced: Assembling the puzzle

Kevin Brechbühl - Sitecore MVP - @Unic (Sitecore Usergroup Switzerland)

While we become more and more acquainted with the different pieces of the Sitecore MVC puzzle, it's now time to shift gears and learn how to fit them together to form a picture for our real world solutions.

In this session, Kevin Brechbühl will pick several puzzle pieces and show how they interact with Sitecore and MVC.

Download slides here Download code here Video here

Following Component Architecture in Sitecore solutions

Anders Laub - Sitecore MVP - @Pentia (Sitecore Usergroup Denmark)

This talk will present a structured approach for setting up a Sitecore solution that follows a component based architecture. The architecture is based on a combined hundreds of years of Sitecore experience at Pentia, the founders of Sitecore.

Besides presenting the architectural principles, the talk will stir up a discussion about what really is Sitecore best practices when it comes to solution design.

The target audience for this talk is both developers that are new to Sitecore and those who have years of experience. Everyone who has had basic Sitecore training can benefit from attending this presentation.

Download slides here

Managing your user data with Sitecore xDB

Ruud van Falier - Sitecore MVP - @PartechIT

Now that part of Sitecore is driven by the MongoDB based xDB data layer, we would like to start using it for managing our own data.

This presentation goes into the details of retrieving and storing custom data in xDB explains what parts of the API and what tools to use and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Download slides here Download code here

Sitecore as a content repository using Entity Service, SPEAK

Mike Robbins - Sitecore MVP - @Fusionworkshop

In this session Mike Robbins, Sitecore MVP, will provide you with a deep dive into Entity Service within Sitecore.Services.Client.

Providing a walkthrough of creating a service, the JavaScript API and SPEAK Integration, Mike will also delve into extending EntityService with new functionality, allowing you to use Sitecore as a content repository for new levels of integration.

Download slides here Download code here Video here

Sitecore hosting and deployments in Azure PaaS

Rob Habraken - Technical Manager - @Colours

In this technical session we will take a look at and compare the different methods of hosting your Sitecore websites within Azure. We will then take a deep dive in what’s needed for deploying your websites into a PaaS architecture, both in terms of Azure subscription configuration and your Visual Studio solution, targeted on Sitecore.

What do you need to take into account? What are the pitfalls, possibilities, benefits and limitations? I hope I can transfer my enthusiasm of the Microsoft Azure platform to host your Sitecore websites on to you, so you can start experimenting right away after SUGCON 2015!

Download slides here Video here

Sitecore, E-commerce, and ... Pirates! Now What?

Søren Spelling Lund - Founder of @uCommerce

Whether you're looking to do B2C, B2B, enterprise, or SMB Sitecore is the place to be. Sitecore charts a unique course in e-commerce with the paradigm, "One size does not fit all".

In this talk we circumnavigate Sitecore E-commerce and set our sights on what you need to know to successfully navigate these waters yourself. Discover Sitecore Commerce Connect and what it means for e-commerce on Sitecore, be it enterprise, SMB, B2B, or B2C. Peek through the ports and learn how familiar SXP capabilities like personalization, engagement plans, search, and more apply to the brave new world of e-commerce.

hedge Batten down the hatches, mateys, we're heading to the high seas of commerce! AAAR!

Download slides here

Search driven personalization with Sitecore Profiles and Forward Search

Torleik Ravn - Senior systems developer & IT Architect - @ForwardSearch

Forward Search for Sitecore features a profile-weighted search algorithm. See how to create adaptive websites using this “Profile Search” and a new rule for the Sitecore Rules Set Editor, turning tedious personalization configuration into a simple “fire and forget” task.

The session also demonstrates the new Visual Index Analyzer, the Sitecore-embedded Forward Search administration client and a few other of the many powerful search-management tools included in Forward Search for Sitecore.

Download slides here

Zen Garden - The first-ever Sitecore development accelerator

Adam Najmanowicz - Sitecore MVP, Head of Product Engineering - @Cognifide

Zen Garden is the first-ever Sitecore development accelerator. Today Zen Garden delivers far more than accelerated site development; it parallelises work streams and empowers content editors to make more advanced changes normally requiring technical support. Zen Garden accelerates deployment of responsive websites quickly and cost effectively, minimising reliance on technical skills while improving maintenance of governance standards.

This tool uniquely separates front-end and back-end development enabling the parallelisation of design, content and development. Zen Garden has an extensive library of re-usable themes, templates and over 80 flexible components allowing you to achieve any layout imaginable. As well, Zen Garden features the innovative Creative Exchange which accelerates and simplifies sharing of website design files between development roles and agencies. Zen Garden provides 90% of the functionality required to deploy large numbers of websites out of the box.

Download slides here

Sitecore Health – Useful indicators to run a stable platform

Chris Wojciech - Former Sitecore MVP, Former Sitecore (Sitecore Usergroup Germany) - @Netzkern

Application Monitoring always gets way to less addressed in our development lifecycle. We’re working hard to create the best software, but when it’s out – we’re resolving bugs and head to the next task.

How are we able to see if our environment performs like we want it to. Sitecore Logs, IIS Logs, Performance Counter and a lot of different other sources could give us a good picture. What to look out for and how what’s really valuable you’ll see here.

Download slides here

Sitecore Best Practices - war stories from the trenches

Charles Turano - Sitecore MVP - @Hedgehog Development

We all have horror stories, you know those development stories that keep us up at night. What if we can avoid some of them?

Join Charles Turano, a seasoned Sitecore veteran, 3 time Sitecore MVP and the brain behind tools like TDS and Razl. He will go through some of his exciting war stories providing valuable advice how to avoid the pitfalls in the future. Learn how following best practices can keep your Sitecore going strong. Goodies will be given out so be curious and participate.

Download slides here

Bringing Sitecore 8 and your ERP/PIM together with Sitecore Commerce Connect; Connecting the odds in the brave world!

Jeroen Speldekamp (Sitecore MVP) & Alex van Wolferen - @Suneco

A practical approach on what it takes and what you will run into when your customer wants you to integrate their own ERP/PIM with Sitecore by using Sitecore Commerce Connect.

In this session we will dive into the many pipelines and functionalities of Sitecore Commerce Connect and show you in a straightforward demo, with the potential risks on live coding, how you can connect ERP/PIM systems with Sitecore using the Sitecore Commerce Connect functionalities without using other (non-)commercial third party modules.

Make sure you don't forget your BS-Bingo card!

Download slides here

Location & Venue

Conference Center the Strip
High Tech Campus 1
5656 Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Look at the map Get directions Things to do

Driving by Car

Coming from the direction of
's-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg or Nijmegen:

  • Take either the A2 highway (from ‘s-Hertogenbosch), the A58 highway (from Tilburg) or the A50 (from Nijmegen) for Eindhoven
  • At junction Batadorp follow the signs for Eindhoven and continue on Randweg N2 until you reach exit (afrit) 32a High Tech Campus

Coming from the direction of Antwerp:

  • Take the A67 for Eindhoven
  • At junction de Hogt follow the signs Eindhoven-Centrum, Waalre, Randweg N2 (Zuid) until you reach exit (afslag) 32a High Tech Campus

Coming from the direction of Maastricht:

  • Take the A2 for Eindhoven
  • At junction Leenderheide follow the signs for Veldhoven, Waalre, Randweg N2 until you reach exit (afslag) 32a High Tech Campus

Coming from the direction of Venlo:

  • Take the A67 for Eindhoven
  • At junction Leenderheide follow the signs for Veldhoven, Waalre, Randweg N2 and leave the motorway at exit (afslag) 32a High Tech Campus

Coming from Eindhoven Airport:

  • Follow the signs for A2/Eindhoven/Maastricht/Venlo
  • Follow Randweg N2 and leave the motorway at exit (afslag) 32a High Tech Campus

Visiting by public transportation

From NS Station Eindhoven, you can take the direct bus connection line 407 to High Tech Campus Eindhoven.


Use the address ‘High Tech Campus 1’ in your route planner or navigation system.
NOTE!: Not all route planners and navigation systems have updated maps. You may find the Campus at its former address: ´Professor Holstlaan 4’.


All gates are opened during workdays, between 06.30 and 20.30 hrs.

Stay for the weekend and experience the city of Eindhoven

Eindhoven is one of main scientific epicentres of The Netherlands, which makes it brilliant to host the SUGCON 2015. Why not stay for the weekend and play the tourist? You can find tourist information below and on

Where to sleep? Things to do Restaurants and nightlife Shopping


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uCommerce is a .NET based ecommerce system seamlessly integrated with the enterprise class Content Management System Sitecore, giving you the best of both worlds.

An enterprise class Content Management System and an enterprise class ecommerce platform working hand in hand, giving you the power to create marketing landing pages with high conversion rates using the Content Management process, and the speed of use of the ecommerce platform when dealing with product creation and order management.


Avanade helps clients realize results in a digital world through business technology solutions, cloud and managed services that combine insight, innovation and expertise focused on Microsoft technologies.

Our people have helped organizations in all industries improve business agility, employee productivity and customer loyalty. Avanade was founded in 2000 by Accenture and Microsoft Corporation. With 25,000 professionals worldwide in more than 22 countries, Avanade is the world's largest Microsoft certified employer. Additional information can be found at


Strategic, creative, bold and effective. At Lukkien we think of, create and deliver conversion driven solutions for our clients. With teams consisting of designers, strategists and developers we combine creativity and technology to offer our clients the best results.

Together with partner Sitecore we deliver real, valuable customer experiences that will make it into the connected world.

Forward Search

Forward Search for Sitecore is a .Net based Enterprise Search solution closely integrated with Sitecore extending the Experience Platform even further with a unique site search experience.

Forward Search standard features include - Full administration from within Sitecore, Full Relevance Ranking and Boosting Features, Sitecore Marketing Foundation xDB-based personalization (former DMS) that capture visitor profiles, providing sorted search results based on matching content profiles for higher relevancy and much more.

Additional information can be found at

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eFocus is a full service digital agency. Based in the Netherlands, we work for global clients like DSM, Nutreco, D.E Master Blenders 1753 and Heineken.


MongoDB is the next-generation database that helps businesses transform their industries by harnessing the power of data. The world's most sophisticated organizations, from cutting-edge startups to the largest companies, use MongoDB to create applications never before possible at a fraction of the cost of legacy databases.

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Having Eindhoven buzzing with brainpower of the best European Sitecore developers in town, there are other parties offering you the possibility to participate in training, courses or gatherings.
Here you can find an overview of gatherings form other parties that are known to us for your information.

On Wednesday the 10th and thursday the 11th of 2015, Glass will be running a two day training course before the Sitecore User Group Conference Europe 2015 (SUGCON) in Glass.Mapper.Sc.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to use Glass.Mapper.Sc before attending the main SUGCON conference where you will hear from some of the best minds in the Sitecore community.

Book your seat now!

If you are hosting an event yourself in Eindhoven in this period of time that may be relevant to our participants, please let us know
Please note that neither SUGCON, Sitecore User Group Netherlands or Sitecore has any influence over the content offered at the events mentioned.

Check out our teaser!

We asked a couple of SUGCON 2014 attendees to describe their experience at Sitecore SUGCON 2014
and here’s how they responded:

Hedgehog Development was extremely happy to be part of SUGCON 2014 in Utrecht. The venue was pretty cool and everything was well-organized. Sitecore had some very exciting news to present to the public. The other sessions and workshops were also interesting and attracted a lot of audience. The event was packed with great enthusiasts who shared our passion for the Sitecore platform.

Aleksandar Kamburov - General Manager at Hedgehog Development Bulgaria

First and foremost, you will learn many industry trends/best practices from leading Sitecore experts from all across Europe. Secondly, you will get the chance to network with many members of the Sitecore community. It is from these networking sessions that opportunities are shared, friendships are made and great ideas are born! So, if you find yourself asking "why should I go to SUGCON Europe 2015?"" you really should be asking yourself "why wouldn't I go?!"

Mike Reynolds - Sitecore MVP

SUGCON 2014 was one of the best Sitecore events of last year. A whole day of technical discussions organised by developers for developers with multiple tracks. There was always at least one talk you wanted to watch and normally two or three. It was also great to catchup with people from the community that I hadn't seen for a long time and meet new members.


Here you can see an impression of our successful event of last year

More impressions?

Click here to see more SUGCON 2014 pictures or here to see the SUGCON 2014 video's?