SUGNL Meeting March 2020 Achmea

Sitecore Azure DevOps, Real-time personalisation & SXA best practices

March 2020
  • 17:30 hours - 22:30 hours
  • Laan van Malkenschoten 20
    7333 NP Apeldoorn

  • 03 March 2020
  • Laan van Malkenschoten 20
    7333 NP Apeldoorn

  • Program for the Dutch Sitecore User Group meeting at Achmea:

    17.30 - 18.30 Dinner

    18.30 - 18.40 Opening by the Dutch Sitecore User Group and & the host Achmea

    18:40 - 19:25 Sitecore DevOps done right: Deep dive on properly leveraging Azure technology to stay in control - (Alex van Wolferen - Achmea)

    A deep dive on Microsoft Azure technologies like Azure Pipelines, Application Insights and Azure Monitor. Leveraging new technology in a proper way on a small or extreme scale is not easy. How to prevent drowning in all the data and metrics that are available nowadays. In this session I will show you how you can properly utilize the technology that is currently available in Azure without overspending your Azure credits. Using Azure DevOps, Application Insights, Azure Monitor, Visual Studio and more to collect, analyse, visualize and respond to events that occur on your platforms. After this session you will be capable of doing proper analysis on your Sitecore solutions from an operation, monitoring and developer perspective on real data, real-time and after events.

    19:25 - 19:35 Break

    19:35 - 20:20 Real-time personalization in a true omnichannel world using JSS and Azure (Bas Lijten - Achmea)

    Find out how we integrated an external, centralized decision-making engine with Sitecore. In a true omnichannel scenario, an event on another channel (for example a call center) can lead to an immediate personalization event on Sitecore. In an out-of-the-box scenario this is not possible. Learn how this can be achieved using JSS, personalization rules, Azure SignalR, Azure Functions, and xConnect to solve this is in a fairly easy way. With this approach, all the power of Sitecore in combination with the decision-making power of the external systems can be used.

    20:20 - 20:30 Break

    20:30 - 21:15 Best practices using SXA (Mark van Aalst - Sitecore)

    One of the greatest things of the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) is it is flexibility; however, it is also one of the pitfalls. In this session Mark van Aalst will explain what he sees as best practices when developing an SXA website. You will learn how SXA has been developed and what the reasons and stories are behind specific features. Learn about features you use every day like the promo component, the best ways of implementing third party libraries and how to make sure your can easily upgrade to newer versions. Everything that you will see can be used right away in your existing projects.

  • Alex van Wolferen

    Alex van Wolferen is Sitecore Architect bij portalen operations en deployment bij Achmea.

    Bas Lijten

    Bas Lijten is een principal architect bij de Design Authority van het Microsoft Competence Center van Achmea.

    Mark van Aalst

    Mark was introduced to Sitecore in 2004, while working for a partner agency, where he enjoyed various roles from developer to software development manager.

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